Fitness Is Something You Do, It Is Not Who You Are

“Full effort is full victory.”

-Mahatma Gandhi


Our athletic abilities are a gift, a gift that has an expiration date.  They are something we should feel grateful for, and not something we should take for granted.  We should cherish and nurture them, and use them as a tool in our relationships and our every day lives, but certainly not as something to bring us down.

Your fitness accomplishments, and appearance for that matter, do not define you as a person, they do not make you better or worse than anyone else, nor does it mean you’re less kind, less giving, less loving or less intelligent than anyone else.  Don’t confuse your lifts or your abilities in the gym with your identity.  Fitness is something you do, it is not who you are.

We need to remind ourselves that our opportunity to make ourselves more physically fit is a gift, as is the opportunity to improve our mental fortitude.  The fact that we get to share these moments with people we care about is also a gift.  

Enjoy these gifts while you have them, but remember that they don’t define you. 

Allow fitness to empower you and lift you up.  Let it provide courage, or drive and determination, and enjoy the moments of progress…because we ALL make progress.


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