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Foam Rolling: When It’s Appropriate, and When It’s Not

Foam Rolling: When It’s Appropriate, and When It’s Not

“Although there is a substantial amount of research in favor of foam rolling, there is little evidence in research that suggests when to foam roll. In any case, application should be subjective in terms of your personal needs and how you respond to its use. Based on the principles outlined above, it may be more effective to plan foam rolling sessions at times of active recovery and/or within a two to three-hour window before a training session or 24 hours post. If that is something you are unable to do or you have a tissue restriction which demands that you foam roll pre-workout, follow up with an active stretch and active-isolated exercise to stimulate the right nerve actions. Most importantly, monitor your response to foam rolling as, quite possibly, it may be the thing hindering your power and overall training output.”


Your relationship with bacon just got better.

The age old debate of whether bacon is healthy or unhealthy is finally settled. Check it: